My ACT Story -参加者の声- 日本語レッスン

Spencer Curtis



Studying Period

- I started learning Japanese with YMCA in November of 2018.

What made you want to study Japanese in YMCA ACT?

-I went to visit and talk to the staff and they were very friendly. My teacher did a trial lesson with me and I could tell she would be patient, strong and a great teacher and I was right!

How is the impressions of our lesson?

-I really enjoy my time at YMCA. Tochio Sensei is very wise, patient, and funny. The staff at the front desk are all very kind too and are easy to talk to which makes practicing what I learned more comfortable feeling. If I can make them all laugh it makes me happy!

Good Points

-The class and atmosphere are clean and inviting. No complaints! My teacher is a great person and an absolute pleasure to spend time with. She lets me take my time to put together sentences when we chat and helps me correct them as I make mistakes.

Messages for people who want to start Japanese private lessons in YMCA ACT

-Go for it! I don't know how many Japanese teachers there are besides Tochio Sensei at YMCA, but like I said she's wonderful. I recommend trying a class or two to see what you think. Im going to keep going there to learn until I'm fluent and I don't care how long it takes. So best of luck to both of us!


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