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YGK Active Learners(for Elementary children)

We Application Guidelines


Mon, December 25 - Tue, December 26 2 day course


10:00-12:00(120 min.)


YMCA Global Kindergarten (Yokohama Chuo YMCA)


Grade 1 - 6 

Maximum 15 children(Minimum number of participants 6)


YMCA member(*3) 9,240 yen(税込)

Non-member      10,340 yen(税込)

*3 If you are enrolled in the Annual Class at the time you join the Winter Course




・All prices include tax


Sample Daily Plan

Theme Sea Life


Let’s unpack and get ready.

Circle Time

Ice breaking

Introduction of the 

Exploration Time

Life Size Aquarium

 ~Let's compare the sizes of an~

Feedback Time

We look back at our experiences and share our discoveries, emotions, thoughts with each other.

Good-Bye Time

See you soon!















YGK Science Club Winter Course 2023

Why "YGK Science Club"?

Science+Inquiry-based Learning+English Immersion = YGK Science Club


What we value:

・Having fun  ・Sense of Wonder


"YGK Science Club" is an English immersion class for 3-6-year-olds that applies active and inquiry-based learning.  

Children develop creativity, thinking and problem-solving skills.  They are given different materials and tools to create something out of their own thinking.  In the process, they encounter challenges on how materials work and it gives them opportunity to think of how to solve them.

Through our fun science explorations, young children have the chance to exercise important science skills such as predicting, observing, comparing, measuring, communicating and reasoning.

The children get to learn English language through immersion.  After several weeks of exploration with materials that they are interested in and caring teachers who converse with them meaningfully, the children start using English words naturally to express their thoughts and needs.  They are acquiring the language by experience and observation. 


Example of Activities 

Oil and Water, Mixing Colors, Water Lens, Tree Exploration, Fall Leaf Stamps, Volcano, Leaf Crown, Soda Dancers, Light and Shadow


Application Information


Mon, December 25, 2023 - Tue, December 26, 2023      2-day course


13:00-15:30(150 min.)


Yokohama Chuo YMCA (Naka-ku, Yokohama)


K1 - K3  Maximum 12 children   (Mimimum 6 children)

Born April 2, 2017 - April 1, 2020


YMCA member(*3) 9,240 yen(tax included)

Non-member      10,340 yen(tax inicluded)

*3 Those who are enrolled in Yokohama YMCA Yearly Classes at the time of Winter Course participation.



・No English experience is required.

・All listed prices are including tax.


Sample Schedule of a Day

Theme Sea Life

Good morning!

Let's unpack.

Morning Meeting


Introduction of today's activity

Choice Time

Children think and plan which play areas to choose. They fully engage in their own learning and exploration. 

Exploration Time

Life-size aquarium

 -Let's measure and compare objects to the real size of sea animals-

Feedback Time

Children express their feelings or discoveries freely.

Teachers help them say it in English.

Story Time


Let's enjoy English storybooks.

Good-bye Time

See you next time!


Application Process

・Online reservation   Start from 10:00 A.M., Sat, October 14, 2023     ➡ https://e-ymca.appspot.com/yokohama/

・Telephone reservation  Start from 10:00 A.M., Sat, October 21, 2023 











Online Open House for FY 2024-2025

YMCA Global Kindergarten will conduct online open houses via Zoom for those who are interested in enrolling their children to YMCA Global Kindergarten.


Online Open House is 



Parent’s Voice

YGK life was filled with various hands-on activities and events such as excursions, concerts, experiments, arts and crafts, etc. Children learn with their five senses and by many heartfelt experiences scattered throughout the day. 

My daughter engaged in play and a wide range of learning every day.  While spending a lively time at school, speaking in English has become a natural thing for her.  

More than that, I felt that the students really enjoyed the content of the activities such as art and science. 

Above all, YGK fulfilled our wishes for what we expected from our children, a holistic and healthy growth as a person.

I have been feeling that our family and YGK have quite similar educational goals. Teachers acknowledge, listen, talk to and care for the children just the way we expect them to do.

Teachers always listen to children attentively and try to understand them deeply.  Teachers always kneel down to meet a child at eye level when talking. This shows the teachers are trying to understand the children and respect them sincerely.  My daughter used to be quite shy when she entered YGK, but now, she has grown up to be a strong-willed and expressive girl with the help from the teachers.

I originally chose YGK for my daughter’s education because I wanted her to be open to different languages, cultures, appearances, etc.  However, she has acquired even more important things, such as a feeling of acceptance, a caring mind, strength and kindness, in the 3 years she has spent at YGK.


I really appreciate that YGK has helped develop my daughter’s interest in learning and the global environment and supported her mental, physical and cognitive development.