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Choice time means a lot to children

At YMCA Global Kindergarten, “Choice time” means a lot to the children. Children always have the right to choose and engage in the field they want to play on each day. Through these experiences, children start to realize that their choices are valued and respected. This sense of being valued and respected will nurture their self-esteem, which helps them to become active learners.
Children are learning through a variety of experiences every day. They are not only successful experiences, but also failures as well. Every single experience gives our children important lessons. At this age of life, we believe that the most important milestone is not the result but the process. So, we trust and watch over our children.

Hydrangeas in Bloom

At YMCA Global Kindergarten, the Joey class's friends were having fun with watercolor stamping.
Let's mix red and blue... It turned purple!
Next, let's mix red and white! It turned pink!
As they were having fun, purple and pink hydrangeas bloomed beautifully.

【YGK Science Club Report】Finding Nature Friends at the Pond

【YGK Science Club Report】

We visited a park to find living things at the pond. We could find many kinds of creatures, such as water striders, turtles, ducks, rice fish, pill bugs, etc. Some friends enjoyed sucking nectar from azaleas as well. One friend found some acorns by the pond. He decided to drop them in the pond. He was patiently waiting for a loach to come out as he remembered a Japanese song in which an acorn fell in a pond and a loach came out to say hi to the acorn. Unfortunately, we couldn't meet a loach today. We hope we can greet him next time!

Encounters with Tiny Lives

YGK children found roly-polies, or pill bugs, in the park and brought them back to school the other day. They were really into observing them with magnifying glasses and touching them. Some children even decided to keep them as their pets and gave them names. 


Nature Boosts Our Creativity

At YMCA Global Kindergarten, the Kitten friends are into picking natural objects from the park and use them to boost their creativity.  Thank you for this wonderful time.

Spring is All About Colors

The students of the YGK Kitten class were amazed at the colors of nature. As we went out to the park, we collected colorful flowers and leaves and brought them back with us to the classroom. During our art time, they pressed the flowers and leaves in between two sheets of white paper and pounded them with wooden blocks from their toy basket. The colors from the flowers came down to the paper, and many of them used the beautifully colored paper to write messages to their families.
We thank our mother nature for this beautiful season!

We're having fun every day!

Almost 10 days have passed since we celebrated the new students' entrance last week. The new Puppy friends are gradually getting used to their daily routines at school. Lunch time also started yesterday. They enjoyed having lunch with friends and teachers. We had our first music lesson this afternoon. Let's have another exciting and happy day together tomorrow!

【YGK Science Club】Today's Highlights

We had fun exploring about traveling water and much more!

YGK Science Club is a once-a-week English immersive science class for kinder ages.

We value fun experiences and a sense of wonder.  




Finger Painting is Fun!

There are so many wonderful benefits of finger painting for children. It's surely a messy art activity but did you know that there are so many sensory experiences going on during this time? In the puppy class, we had an activity called 'Easter egg painting' today . Our puppies used their fingers to paint the paper eggs. Through this activity, they discovered how colours work. It also helped to improve fine motor development by strengthening finger and hand muscles. Our puppies had so much fun. Would you like to try at home with your kids?

Puppy Class at Play

Block play promotes the development of spatial awareness and hand-eye coordination as children reach to lift , move and build with blocks, strengthening their fingers, hands and arms. It also provides great learning experience of critical skills in problem solving, engineering, creative thinking and many more. It was the very first day of school for our puppy class's children. Look what they have made using blocks!