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Time spent at YGK
will be a lifetime treasure

Irreplacable Thing

The assets of our school are undeniably the teachers, and the parents who always support us. Of course, the protagonist is in each and every child at all times. In order to help them shine even brighter, the teachers value daily communications not only with children but also among teachers. Through trial and error, we aim to provide a better place for each child’s quality learning. I love the serious, loving, and warm gazes of the teachers when they talk about the children, what they learned, the highlights of the day and difficulties we are facing and discuss what we can do to make a better choice for the children.

We shouldn’t forget that there are the parents and families who always believe in and support us, the teachers and staff. When people meet each other, not only good things happen, but there are also many times when we are at a loss as to what to do. There are also many times when we are almost crushed by painful and distressing experiences. But when I look back again and see that each event and encounter is all meaningful, I am moved by the truth of it to the point that my heart shudders.

As the time goes by, I feel more and more strongly that the many loves, encounters, and realizations that each and every one of the teachers and parents whom we have met over the years have been beautifully folded over one another like a geological stratum.

I have learned that people, places, and societies grow by supporting, acknowledging, believing in, and enhancing each other, and that deep love is what truly enriches life.

I am truly grateful that we are able to share so many insights and encounters with children.

May we, as small beings, do what we can to contribute to a world where everyone is loved and respected.