Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it okay if parents cannot speak English?

It is okay. The letters distributed from YGK is written in both English and Japanese. We are happy to help you in Japanese at any time if you are not comfortable in communicating in English.

How can we know how our child is doing in class?

We make a daily oral report before pick-up time and distribute monthly newsletter. We also offer you an individual or group parent-teacher conference regularly. If you have anything that you want to consult with us, you can make a reservation at any time.
You can also see part of their school life through photos taken during school hours on the safe-security site.

How much English ability will my child gain in YGK?

We set a goal for our graduates to become able to keep up with the Grade 1 classes in any school after they spend 3 years in YGK.Children establish the 4 skills, listening, speaking, reading and writing, according to their ages.

Do we have to prepare lunch for my child?

Yes. Although children basically bring their own lunches, we offer school lunches on subscription basis. You can order from one meal.

Do you have extended child care service?

Yes. Our before-school child care is from 8:30 and our after-school child care is until 18:00.

Do you have any after-school activities?

We offer swimming classes, PE classes, Rhythmic gymnastics, etc. for kindergarteners in Chuo YMCA where YGK locates. YGK offers you an inter-class transit supervision service. You can also apply for the after-school child care after these lessons.

What kind of school do children choose after they graduate YGK?

They go to variety of schools such as international schools, Japanese public or private schools or schools in foreign countries.

Are there any English classes after graduation?

We offer you an English immersion class, ‘Bilingual Kids’, for elementary students so that they can keep enhancing their English skills after they graduate from YGK.

Is there any problem if we are not Christian?

No, there is not. Although our education is based on the Christianity, we do not force them to be a Christian. We value the attitude of respecting every religion and culture.