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Aiming for Better Education -YGK Teacher Workshop-

At YMCA Global Kindergarten, we often say that we are aiming for high-quality education in the true sense.  What do we mean by “a high-quality education in the true sense”?  Helping children succeed academically? Helping them grow as a bilingual speaker?  


We believe a high quality education is something that helps children become able to grow as an independent individual who can take actions for others.

To make this happen, we adults have to be good observers, listeners and co-workers of children.  As early childhood educators, our belief is that we need to keep studying and updating ourselves continuously for the sake of children.  To achieve this goal, we had a workshop with all the teachers of YGK, including YGK Joey class and YGK Science Club.

To be an observant and attentive listener is not easy.  It is even quite challenging at times because this is something new and unfamiliar for most of us .  We set “observation and pedagogical documentation” as the theme of our workshop this time.  We practiced observation and made documentation in small groups.  It helped deepen our thoughts and made us realize that each person has their own point of view.

We would like to keep moving forward to become a better version of ourselves.


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