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Facing Our Emotions

At YGK, we try to be open to and accept children’s emotions and opinions. When a child feels frustrated, unhappy or grumpy, instead of suppressing their emotions or distracting their minds, we encourage them to verbalize what is inside them. Children are on the stage of learning to control or manage their emotions. We believe that it is quite important for children to realize their own emotions as the very first step. They might find it challenging at first. When communicating with friends, they may end up starting a quarrel or using their physical power at times as they still have not acquired enough vocabulary or emotion control skills. At those times, what we try to do is to listen to both or all related children about what had happened and what their feelings were instead of judging them superficially. We believe that there should be reasons behind their actions. We may be able to make them say sorry. However, it doesn’t work in a true sense unless they deeply understand what was wrong or how they could have solved their problems. We, adults, need to trust them deeply and watch over them.
Children are learning many things from every encounter with people, things, etc. in their daily lives. We believe that the best thing we can do is to trust their inborn strengths and abilities to grow. We are responsible for their holistic growths. We would like to keep loving and caring for each child as our own.