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What We Value for Children's Healthy Growth

We believe that process is more important than goals for young learners.

It may look like their growth is slow or  expectations cannot be seen yet.

However, we would like to stress that children’s growth cannot be measured in a straight line distance.

It may seem time-consuming to take a long way around.  But there are things that we can discover along the way.  They may have a richer experience from their detour.  Every single experience is nutritious for the children's whole being.

As childhood is the basis of a person’s growth, we want them to enjoy exploring their paths; they can walk, run, skip or trip at times at their own pace.  We would like to offer them a place where they can freely enjoy exploring the world around them.  We, adults, are  learning many things from the children and are renewed daily.

Let’s fully enjoy the moments.