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Time spent at YGK
will be a lifetime treasure

What is the identity of YGK?

What kind of time and experiences do we want the children and their families to have? We have been thinking about these questions recently.


Seeing the children as they are day by day, discussing among the teachers and staff, and listening to the voices of various people, I have taken a fresh look at our childcare and education.


A place where each child can be nurtured in a deep, warm, and abundant love. A place where each child can be nurtured with the talents God has given them. A place that is like a second home to which one can return at any time.

We are deeply reminded of our desire to be such a place.


These children are irreplaceable.  They are blessed with life with the deep love of their parents and families. When I think about the probability of our meeting here after crossing many crossroads, I realize how precious this encounter is.


I remember someone saying, "It is in our encounters and relationships with others that we are sharpened and grow as people."

Diversity, acceptance, and mutual recognition are all very beautiful words and important concepts but achieving these goals truly is not as easy as expressing them in words or concepts.


We express our thoughts and feelings to each other, we sincerely listen to each other, we are sometimes conflicted and lost in disagreements, and as we struggle with our problems, new paths may suddenly open up before our eyes. Just when we think we have it figured out, we may lose it again.


We believe that what we can and should do is to help children to develop within themselves the strength to keep struggling, keep thinking, keep trying, and have the courage to ask for help when they need it.


We want to be a warm and loving community where each person can love and believe in themselves and love their neighbors as they love themselves through a rich experience of being loved and respected.


I wish you all a wonderful day.