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Our World is Full of Wonderful Encounters

One day, at the park, children found a sleepy frog.
"Look, we caught a frog. Isn't it so cute?"
"I want to bring it back to our classroom."
"But it can't live without food. Why don't we release it after we observe it?"
"But I want to keep it."
What shall we do?
The children started a discission.
Eventually, they decided to release it before going back to the classroom.
However, one child felt upset about this decision.
He decided to hide somewhere because he was so sad to say goodbye to his froggy.
Another friend noticed it.
"He has gone somewhere."
It took a while for him to overcome his frustration.
After a while, though, he controled his emotions and decided to go back.
During this time, the classmates waited for him patiently and welcomed him when he went back to them.
A frog bought us such a precious moment to become able to control our emotions and to be considerate of others.
Our world is full of encounters.