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We had the YGK Science Club Winter Course.

We had two different courses according to their ages, Kinder and Elementary.  We decided to choose the same theme for both classes.


The theme for the 1st day was “The Apple Boat”.  We sliced an apple and made a boat from it.

The children of Kinder class enjoyed exploring their apple slices with their senses of sight, smell and touch.

Then, they put a sail on it using a toothpick and a piece of paper and put the boat gently on the water.


Will it float? Or will it sink?

It floats!


Some friends started poking holes on their apple slices with a toothpick.


Will it float or sink this time?


The children are encouraged to follow their curiosity at the Science Club.  We try not to stop them as long as it is not really dangerous so that their exploratory minds develop freely.


Let’s see how the project worked in the Elementary Course.

The children decided on their own design, made their boats and floated them on the water in a basin.  Soon, they started assuming the water in the basin as the sea.

Some children said, “The real sea water is not as clean as this water.”  They started cutting paper into small pieces, putting them in the water. They also dissolved paints in the water.

Knowing that, my heart hurted, as someone born before them.

When children think of the sea, the polluted ocean is the first thing that comes to their mind.

Children are looking at the world with their clear eyes and minds.

This makes me think about what we can do for the sake of the happiness of the future generations….



To return from the digression…

The goal of YGK Science Club is not to cram children with scientific knowledge. 


It’s a wonder.  Why does it happens?  I feel excited.  How about doing like this?


Our belief is that these feelings or impressions are the key to fostering children’s self-learning skills.


We are not aiming for simply cramming them with English as well.

English is a tool of communication.  We want them to know the pleasure of expressing themselves and connecting with others.

Our goals are to help children to become able to love themselves and care for others, find their likes or interests, enjoy the diversity and increase their willingness to learn by themselves.


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