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Children are Geniuses of Play

The K2 class's children of YMCA Global Kindergarten are sitting around a tiny mud pool and talking in a serious manner. Hmm, let's listen to them.
"Let's make mint chocolate."
"Mint chocolate for sale! Do you want some?"
"Let me drop a piece of candy in the chocolate."
"Ohhh, the ship crashed into the wall."
"Let me stir. Stay back as it may splash on you!"
"Stir it gently so that it won't splash."
"You need a ticket to join in. Here's your ticket. (Passing a leaf)"
Their conversations keep on going freely.
A very tiny mud pool turns into various things as their imagination expands.
When we stop and observe closely what they are talking about or doing, we are amazed at how creative, flexible and open-minded they are.
Children are living each day to the fullest.